The Woolwich College Student Terms and Conditions 2023-2024 (2023)



  • 1.1   These Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between the College and you, the student. By accepting your offer onto your chosen course, you accept these Terms and Conditions in full. If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, please speak with a member of staff.

  • 1.2   Each of the clauses in these Terms and Conditions operates separately. If any of the clauses are declared unlawful, the remaining clauses will remain in full force and effect.

  • 1.3   These Terms and Conditions constitute to the entire agreement between you and the College. All previous agreements, arrangements and understandings between you and the College relating to your admissions onto a course, whether written or orally communicated will have no legal effect unless expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions.

  • 1.4   Where any party fails to enforce their rights under this agreement, or delays in doing so, that will not mean that such party has waived its rights. Where we waive a default by you, this will only be valid when confirmed in writing, and will not apply to any subsequent default by you.

  • 1.5   These are the terms agreed between you and the College. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of the terms.

  • 1.6   The Terms and Conditions and any other matters that may arise out of or in relation to these Terms and Conditions, are governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.

  • 1.7   The College and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in relation to the Terms and Conditions.


  • 2.1   It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information which you provide to us is accurate, honest and complete and that you have not excluded any key information.

  • 2.2   If we discover that your application contains incorrect or fraudulent information or if you are found to have excluded key information from your application, we may withdraw or amend any offers made to you.

  • 2.3   To secure a place on your favoured course you must pay the deposit fee of £400.00.

  • 2.4   You have a right to cancel your application at any point prior to completing the full enrolment process. Should you wish to cancel or withdraw your application after going through the full enrolment process the £350.00 of the deposit fee is then refundable.

  • 2.5   To cancel or withdraw your application you would need to state the reason in writing to the college as to why you wish to cancel/withdraw your application.


  • 3.1   Where appropriate, before receiving your offer letter, you will be required to provide copies of your transcripts and/or certificates.

  • 4.1   If you meet all of the academic entry requirements (and any other applicable requirements) for admissions upon making your application to us, we will make you an offer for your chosen course.

  • 4.2   If you do not meet the requirements for admission, you will receive an email stating any outstanding academic and/or other requirements for admission that you will need to supply within a timeframe set out in the email.

  • 4.3   Once you have supplied us with the necessary evidence for the outstanding requirements for your chosen course within the timeframe given, we will then make you an offer for that course.

  • 4.4   If you have not supplied us with the necessary documents for the outstanding requirements for your chosen course within the timeframe given, you will then have to re-apply

  • 5.1   We may make changes to the offer made to you at any time before you officially accept it. We will inform you as soon as possible and issue you an updated offer letter.

  • 6.1   Due to factors beyond our reasonable control, some circumstances may change. Therefore it may sometimes be necessary to vary the content of the courses. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that changes are kept to a minimum, but if we are required to make any material changes to your course before you’re registered at The Woolwich College, we shall bring this to your attention as soon as possible. If you feel that any changes may affect you, you may withdraw your application for your desired course. If you withdraw your application in these circumstances, any application fee paid will be partially refunded.

  • 6.2   Cancellation of your course: We will use all of our power to deliver all courses mentioned on our website. However, if there are insufficient student numbers either to make a course viable or to deliver a quality student experience, we may cancel the course(s). If you have received an offer from the College for any of our courses but we discontinue the course prior to your full enrolment, we will notify you as soon as possible. If you withdraw your application in these circumstances, any application fee paid will be partially refunded.


  • 7.1   If you have met all the entry requirements for admission onto your desired course and have been offered a place on that course, you must confirm your acceptance of that offer in writing, either by email or letter.

  • 7.2   If you do not accept your offer for your desired course by the enrolment deadline, your offer will expire.

  • 7.3   By registering as a student, you agree to abide by our rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

  • 7.4   If you do not act in accordance with the College’s rules and regulations and the learning agreement you will sign, we may take disciplinary action(s) against you. Some of the possible action(s) could be suspension from your course, complete expulsion from your course etc. as a result of this you may not be entitled to a refund of your course fees.

  • 8.1   Once you are fully registered onto your desired course at The Woolwich College we will do everything in our control to deliver your course as per the terms of the contract between us.

  •  8.1.1   In circumstances where there are no disadvantages to you, the College reserves the right to make minor changes to the contents or method of delivery of your course. These changes will be made to improve the quality of the educational services, to meet the requirements of the awarding body or in response to student feedback. How you are notified will depend on the nature of the changes made. If changes are made the updates will be recorded on the College’s website.

  •  8.1.2   In circumstances where it is necessary to make content changes to your course, which is likely to have an impact on your studies, we will inform you before any final decisions are made and consider your concerns. If you are unhappy with the content changes your feedback is welcomed.

  • 8.2   Discontinuing a course after enrolment: if we are forced to cancel your course due to matters beyond our control, we will inform you as soon as possible. We will also refund your fees that you have paid to date except the enrolment fee.

  • 9.1   We shall:

  •  9.1.1   Deliver your course in accordance with the awarding body organisation course handbook and guided learning hours for the duration set to complete your desired course

  •  9.1.2   Clearly outline the units and learning outcomes that you will cover on your course

  •  9.1.3   If your course includes a work placement then we will provide reasonable support
  • 9.2   You shall:

  •  9.2.1   use all your efforts to fulfil the requirements of your course in accordance with the terms of your agreement with the College, including that all work you submitted is entirely your own work; and

  •  9.2.2   ensure that you have access to additional resources as outlined in the course specification

  •  9.2.3   It is your responsibility to attend any placement interviews scheduled by the college to secure a placement. If you do not secure a placement that the college found you, you will not be liable for any refunds

  • 10.1   You agree to pay your course fees that are required for your course. Information in relation to course fees and how to pay them can be found on the College’s website.

  • 10.2   You acknowledge that certain fees are not included in the course fee and therefore are to be paid separately from the course fee.

  • 10.3   You acknowledge that you are liable to pay all necessary bank and/or transfer charges.

  • 10.4   All refunds will be processed within 30 days upon the College receiving your refund request form.

  • 10.5   If any refunds are given the College will deduct £50.00 as an admin fee.

  • 10.6   Our refund policy can be found in the reception area of the college.

  • 10.7   Should you decide to withdraw from your chosen course at any time, you will then become liable to pay the remainder of your fees in full. Exceptional reasons will be taken into consideration at the operation director’s discretion.

  • 10.8   The College will take any necessary action, including recourse to the legal process, as it deems necessary to recover all outstanding debt. Any such action will also include the recovery of reasonable costs incurred by the College in relation to the recovery procedures.

  • 10.9   If a third party is paying all or part of your fee(s), you will become liable to pay any of the fee(s) in the event of the third party does not continue to pay your fee(s).

  • 10.10   Certain course(s) will require an examination re-sit fee, which price range between £20-£60.

  • 10.11   Cancellation of examinations without 48 hours prior notice will incur a £30 payment. For continuous cancellations of examinations without 48 hours prior notice will incur a £50 payment.

  • 10.12   Cancellation of any workplace observations will result in a charge from £125 upwards (this is dependent on the cancellation period and the number of cancellations).

  • 10.13   Certain course(s) will require a resubmission fee of assignments costing £12 per assignment resubmission.

  • 11.1   Until all overdue or outstanding course fees are paid to the College, we reserve the right to suspend or withhold all education-related services.

  • 11.2   We will give you reasonable notice of our intentions relating to clause 11.1.

  • 11.3   If you have overdue or outstanding course fees, you could be barred from taking your next exam(s) until the overdue/outstanding amount is paid in full.

  • 11.4   If you are coming towards the end of your course and you still have overdue or outstanding fees we will not release your certificates to you until the amount is paid in full.

  • 12.1   If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your course at any given time there is a student’s complaints procedure.

  • 12.2   We will try to resolve any complaints made as promptly, fairly and amicably as possible.

  • 13.1   You will comply with the College’s Intellectual Property Policy throughout the duration of your course.

  • 14.1   Application and Personal Documents will form your student record. By entering into a contract with the College, you are giving us the right to hold and process your personal data including some sensitive personal data. We will process all of your personal data in accordance to the Data Protection Act 2018, our Data Protection Policy and our Student Privacy Notice.

  • 14.2   You agree that the Data Protection Policy and Student Privacy Notice apply to your application and throughout your entire enrolment with the College.