Business and Management Diploma, Level 3, University Foundation Year

Level 3 - 120 Credits Course | Recognised Ofqual Qualification | University Foundation Programme (equivalent to two A levels)

Course Overview

The online level 3 Diploma in ‘Business and Management’ is a 120 credit University Foundation Programme (equivalent to two A levels). This online Level 3 Course consists of 6 modules, each of which has a minimum of 40 guided learning hours and a written assignment.

  • Length of course: 420 - 540 Hours
  • Start Date: Flexible as per the students requirements.
  • Application Deadline: Flexible as per the students requirements.
  • Mode of Delivery: Online
  • Study Type: Full or Part-Time
  • Tuition Fees: £1,599

Awarding Body

 Awarding Body ATHE

Course Description

The ‘Business and Management’ Level 3 University Foundation Programme, is a 120 credit level 3 qualification. This course is ideal for students looking to progress to the final year of university or go straight into the world of work. This diploma provides students with both theoretical and practical management concepts to develop their communication and leadership skills and equip them with the knowledge needed to succeed in a career in management.

The programme consists of six modules and six written assignments. In addition to the 40 guided learning hours provided per module, learners will have access to various study resources, personal tutor support, webinars, a social learning forum, and additional study materials to provide support throughout. Upon completion of this course, students will receive a Level 3 Diploma which is fully regulated by Ofqual and which will allow them to apply directly for admission onto a full Undergraduate Degree programme in the fields of Business and Management, at a range of top UK universities.

Course Requirements

• You must be at least 16 years old.

• You must have completed your secondary school education.

Course Fees: How to Pay & What’s Included

  • Tuition Fee: £1599
  • Payment Plan: This fee can be paid in one payment or interest-free monthly instalments.
  • Payment Methods: At TWC, we accept any of the following payment methods - Credit or debit card, Bank transfer, Paypal, or Western Union.
  • Included in the Fee: All course materials, personal tutor support, live online classes, assignment marking and feedback, exams, and upon completion of the course, career support - including CV workshops.

Modules & Assignments

This course consists of 6 core modules (as listed below). For each module, you must complete a written assignment, each of which is approximately 6000 - 8000 words long.

  • Managing Business Operations:

    Dealing with the 6 critical aspects of managing business operations to underpin the effective management behind success.

  • Maximising Resources:

    Learning to manage resources effectively to maximise the potential to achieve success in business.

  • The Business Environment:

    Understanding the factors that influence the environment that your business operates in, to understand how to use it as a valuable asset.

  • Managing People in Organisations:

    Developing the skills and knowledge needed to manage, understand, and respect the companies biggest asset: the people within it.

  • Working in Teams:

    Looking at the role played by teams within an organisation and how to obtain the best performance form them in every department.

  • Effective Business Communication:

    Explaining the need for effective communication and learning how to achieve it.

Further Study Opportunities

On completion of this course, successful students will have the credits they need to apply for admission to a range of top UK universities, including:

The University of Sunderland: BA (Hons) Business and Management

Birmingham City University: BA (Hons) Marketing (Professional Practice), BA (Hons) Business BSc (Hons), and BSc (Hones) Business Accountancy

The University of Hertfordshire: BA (Hons) Business Administration (Online)

For more information about course details (i.e. online or on-campus), course fees, and European university options, please get in touch with a member of the team.

Career Opportunities

Completion of the ‘Business and Management’ Level 3 Diploma, will leave graduating students with news skills and qualifications that will advance their career. If students then choose to progress to University level, completion of a full BA degree will give them all the credentials and confidence they need to pursue and succeed in a career involving management within the business.

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